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Children’s and Teen Area Guidelines

Appropriate areas:

  • No kids and young teens in the Adult Nonfiction unless they are with a parent looking for books.
  • No older kids and teens in the Easy Book Room, playing with children’s toys, or on the AWE Early Literacy Computer.


  • One person to a computer.  
  • No inappropriate internet viewing: bad words, drugs, harassment, violence, explicit content, etc.
  • Teens may not use the AWE Early Literacy Computer.


  • No inappropriate conversations: cursing, drugs, name-calling, etc.
  • No standing around or walking around aimlessly.
  • No going in and out of the library repeatedly or up and down on the elevator.
  • No listening to cell phone music/videos out loud.
  • Any behavior that endangers oneself or others, is abusive to staff or patrons, or is disruptive to the environment is not allowed.
  • Shoes must be worn in the library.


  • Use the furniture for its intended purpose.
  • No adjusting tall chairs up and down repeatedly.
  • Do not move furniture around unnecessarily.  Small chairs can be moved, but everything else is in its place for a reason.
  • One person to a chair or bean bag.


  • If an appropriate verbal warning is ignored, the library staff reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the library.
  • Librarians will talk to a parent or guardian if problems continue.
  • If problems still continue, library privileges may be terminated.

Approved by the Library Board

March 10, 2015