Mission Past, Present, Future

The goal of the Dickinson Area Public Library is to provide the highest quality informational, educational, cultural and recreational resources to residents of all ages in the greater Dickinson area.


Jean Braun—President

Susan Larsen—Secretary

Allan Schmalenberger—Member

Dream O’Brien—Member

Cheryl Tollefson—Member/Fundraiser

Kim Goodall—Member

Estelle Wolberg—Member

Carl Larson—Vice President

Maria King—Library Board President

Jude Bullinger—Library Friends President

Heidi Meduna—Member

Renee Paasch—Treasurer

Rita Ennen—Library Director

Shawn Kessel—City Administrator, ex official

Text Box: Leave a Lasting Legacy in your community
by sponsoring a paver for your business, family, organization or yourself.
You will be leaving an enduring symbol of your pride in the 
Dickinson community through your support of the public library.
Visit the library for a paver form today

Dear Patrons:

You are invited to become a member of the Library Foundation’s Platinum Card Club. Since 1992, the Foundation has supported Dickinson Area Public Library. We can do so because of the faithful gifts of annual donors.

In addition to large projects, such as the Library Expansion & Renovation Project, we’ve provided thousands of dollars for books, technology, and acquiring and developing the north Parking Lot to improve the Library through the generosity of the community.

Each Platinum Card member receives a platinum library card & key tag to use at the Library. The annual membership is $100. We ask for a three-year commitment, for a total of $300. We will send you an annual reminder. 

Membership benefits include an exclusive Platinum Library Card; a Platinum Library Key Tag; recognition in the Friends & Foundation Newsletter; and an invitation to special Foundation and Friends of the Library events.  If you provide us we your e-mail address we will also notify you of special library events, such as craft activities for adults, movies, and other special programs such as this year’s “Blind Date with a Book”.  The donation is tax deductible.

Will you consider joining the Platinum Card Club? For more information, please see the article in this issue of the newsletter, or call the Library Foundation office at 456-7700.  You can also e-mail us at daplfoundation@gmail.com.



The Foundation President

Dickinson Area Public Library Foundation

P.S. The Platinum Card is an actual library card, so there can only be one name for the card. Also, the librarians need the DL # of the card holder. This will be kept confidential!

Sponsor an eBook or Audio-Book

Did you know you can download an eBook or Audio-book from your Library’s Website?  We are asking for your help to build our collection for our library users.  The Dickinson Area Public Library Foundation has joined the Overdrive Advantage Program to bring more titles to our library users.   This is through Library2Go and Overdrive.  Prices to sponsor a title in the format you desire vary from less than $20 to $100 depending on the title.  If you sponsor a title not only can you check it out to use but after you are finished it will be available for our other library users.  The Dickinson Area Public Library budgets funds for Overdrive each year but the demand exceeds the number of titles available in the State Consortium.  The Library Foundation sees this as a way to help the collection grow at a faster rate.  You could donate a title in your name or in memory of a loved one, this will be mentioned in a upcoming Library Friends and Foundation Newsletter.  A list of titles that can be sponsored will be available at the library or you can call in and suggest a title and we can check if it is available through Overdrive and what the price is.

For more information call the library at 701-456-7700 or e-mail at daplfoundation@gmail.com.

New titles coming soon!

Dickinson Area Public Library